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"We do things a certain way - the Bastion way- to ensure quality designs and effective websites - on time and on budget."

...Get results from your website
whether your site's focus is marketing, sales, support, or all of the above. We'll give it beauty and functionality all tailored to your target audience!

  • Custom Designs
  • eCommerce
  • WordPress / CMS based
  • Blogs
  • Application Integration

"Websites are a combination of art, technology, and business.  Fortunately, we understand all three. Get your website working for you - contact us, today."

Understanding your company’s needs is the first step in deciding what type of site and which options will work best for you. Bastion Internet offers a wide variety of website design options and add-ons. We start by learning about your business and finish by launching a beautiful new site.

Pricing / Budgets:

Our full websites typically run between $4,000 and $8,000. However, we've done small sites for as little as $1,500 and larger sites for well over $20,000. We never cut corners on quality or service, so pricing varies based on the size and type of site, the number of design options, and complexity of any add-on functionality.


All projects start with a Kickoff Meeting to confirm business and site objectives. We conduct this in-person for Southern California clients and online for those outside of our immediate geography. From there we go through a Design phase, a Buildout phase, and a final Quality Assurance prior to launch.

Types of Sites

Custom Websites:

Ideal for most clients - an original design built on a custom coded framework. Offers maximum flexibility and the highest quality image and viewer impact. The majority of our sites are built this way. Add-on functionality can be easily integrated (e.g. calendars, blogs, image galleries, etc.)


eCommerce Websites:

If you are selling on the web, you need eCommerce functionality. We use commercially available eCommerce software and "skin it" with an original design. Software packages we've worked with include ProductCart, ZenCart, AbleCommerce, and others.


WordPress/CMS :

Content Management System and/or Blog: If your design needs are straightforward and updating your own content is important to you - a WordPress based site may be the best choice for you. Many plug-ins such as simple eCommerce, image galleries, etc., are readily available. Don't want WordPress - we can work with other CMS software such as Joomla.


Additional Services

Add-ons / Application Integration:

Need to integrate PayPal, a forum, a bulletin board?

How about an image gallery or event calendar?

AddonsThese are all standard applications that we can help you choose from and integrate into one of our designs. We can even integrate basic eCommerce or blogging into a custom design.

Webmaster Services:

Your business changes over time and your website needs to reflect those changes. Editing current content and adding new pages can be a big headache if you don’t have a quality web services company you can rely on. 

If you’ve been orphaned by your last designer or just aren’t happy with the quality or timeliness of the work – we can take over your website maintenance needs.


CopywrittingWe can take your compiled material and edit, format and polish it for your web pages.  Or, we can go all the way and interview you and your staff to get the initial information to begin the writing process.

Application Development:

AddonsWe look at your planned custom application and go through a thorough process of scoping out the job and building a functional Statement of Work. From there, you can choose to have us complete the programming or you can go out to bid using the completed Statement of Work.

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