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"A professional look and great style is no accident."

...Your visual impression becomes an asset
when you have the right logo, solid branding, and quality ads and presentations.!

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"The web is on 24x7 - make sure you're looking good whether it's 2:00 in the morning or 2:00 in the afternoon. Get your online image working for you - contact us, today."

Whatever your graphical need there’s a good chance we can fill it. We create logos for clients, redo branding, create web-based ads, design and construct Flash presentations and demonstrations and more. Don't see it here? Ask us.

Pricing / Budgets:

It all depends on the scope of the job, of course. We offer high quality and personalized service so we are rarely the cheapest. However, we keep our costs under control and cater to small and medium sized business, so we're usually extremely competitive. Contact us for a firm quote.


Good design starts with good business. We start by understanding the image you're looking to present, the audience you're presenting to, and the objective of the image. We then mix in superior design talent and good project control and we're 95% of the way there.

Types of Projects


Logo packages range between $350 and $2,000, depending on options and the revision process. Most logo representations these days are seen most often on the web, so we design with that in mind. However, we understand that a logo also needs to be effective in print whether it’s on a business card or on a huge banner.


Branding from a graphics perspective consists primarily of logos, colors, fonts, and tag lines. It's more an overall feel rather than a specific element. If you're looking for visually impactful branding, whether brand new or an update to your present look, we can help.

Ads on the Web:

If you need ads designed that will be placed on 3rd party websites - we can help. We understand the common web ad sizes, the best colors (whether you know the specific site your ads will be running on, or not), and understand the overall business of advertising. Packages range from single ads to a portfolio of ads with message and size variations.

Presentations, Demonstrations and more:

Need help with a Flash based demonstration or presentation. Maybe a PowerPoint that you'll be presenting live or via a webinar. Need a set of images cleaned up or enhanced. Call us – we can help.

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