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"We take pride in designing email marketing pieces that are classy, effective, and coded for optimal compatibility."

...Extend your brand
and get your message read with a custom email marketing template!

  • Custom Designed
  • Integrated Branding
  • Works With Services (e.g. Constant Contact)

"Email marketing can be efficient and effective. The right design will help your email cut through the morass of SPAM to reach your audience. Get your emails working for you - contact us, today."

A marketing email/online newsletter should reflect the design and feel of your other web properties (e.g. website, blog). However, there are definitely different elements involved. We work with you to create a compatible design that incorporates the look and feel of your website into an effective email / newsletter format.

(note: For help with full Email Marketing programs, visit our Bastion Marketing website)

Pricing / Budgets:

Expect to pay between $400 and $1,000 for the process. This may include multiple templates for different marketing messages (e.g. eNewsletter, targeted promotion, etc.). However, final pricing will depend on the scope of the job. Contact us for a firm quote.


We'll start by examining the goals of your email marketing and the overall branding of your company. Next we'll produce comps (look and feel examples), for your approval. We'll revise as necessary and finally cut out into HTML code compatible with your email marketing service (e.g. Vertical Response, Constant Contact, etc.)

Aspects of Design

Quality (vs. service-provided templates):

A Bastion designed template integrates in your elements; your images, your colors, your text styles. One of our design experts will create your template to look great, and seamless, with your branding – not as a generic.

There are many solid email marketing services (among them Constant Contact, Vertical Response, MailChimp, and more), and clients often ask about the standard templates provided by them. Unfortunately, nine out of ten times these templates fail to look good after you start to use them. Unless you have the skills to choose colors, font styles, do banner design, etc., then their standard template will end up looking like just that – a standard template – but with a bunch of words and images pasted in.

OutlookMac OutllookMac MailThunderbirdgmail


There are two main considerations to format. First, what type of content will you be regularly delivering. This will dictate the layout of the template. Next, who is your audience and how well do they know you. This will affect the balance between visual impact and text, in order to be effective in the “preview” mode of the email client.


There are a myriad of email clients both desktop and online. These include Outlook (2003, 2007, 2010), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Mac Mail, and more. Different systems and versions will present an email in a different way. Good coding helps your email look good on them all without sacrificing the look and feel by dumbing down your design to the lowest common denominator.

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